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Exclusive brokerage

Exclusive brokerage


By cooperation with our company you get:

Buy aircraft

Our jet brokerage experts have strong, longstanding relationships with large networks of brokers, dealers and individual buyers worldwide. So we will find qualified buyers quickly and efficiently – sometimes even before your aircraft officially is placed on the market. More jets for sale.

Sell aircraft

We will sell your aircraft fast, and at the price you need. We respond urgently and at the industry’s highest level of customer service. Our in-house research experts and certified appraisal capabilities help us to set the right price on your aircraft – one that reflects current market conditions. So you get the best possible price at the fastest. You can see more used jet airplanes for sale.

The aircraft producers which we work with

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Cost of the new plane

Having addressed the official dealer or the representative of producer, you learn the basic cost of the plane and approximate delivery time. For the most popular business jets delivery time makes 1–3 years. Basic cost includes the plane with the minimum necessary set of the equipment. Future Owner should choose a configuration of interior, materials of finishing and the additional equipment from the extensive list according to the preferences. At the same time the cost of an additional equipment of the plane can reach 10% of its base price. It is possible that after signing of the memorandum or the contract for delivery the representative of producer will offer options of earlier delivery.

In case the plane is needed ASAP, it makes sense to look for offers on sale of “turn-key” or bran new planes. The cost of such offers can make from 2 to 10% of the plane cost. However it is necessary to understand that complete a constructed plane according to the wishes of the cleint can be problematic. Usually, final coordination of all details of finishing and a complete set is made in 6 months prior to the delivery date.

Plane cost in the secondary market

There is an opinion that the plane with TTAF less than 500 flight hour is “almost new”, as it has passed a running in and got rid of the majority of “children’s diseases” – therefore often such planes, especially popular models, are on sale at the price equal or costs of a new  one – or even higher. In the fall of 2008 the market of business aircraft passes from “the market of the seller” to “the market of the buyer” — the set of various offers on sale at reasonable price appears.

What it is necessary to pay the attention to (factors influencing the price):

  • TTAF, quantity of cycles and take-offs/landings;
  • the passable procedures of maintenance operation;
  • actual state of interior, knots and units of the plane;
  • country of registration and region of operation;
  • various incidents and flight incidents (AOG, refusals of systems in flight, hard landings, etc.);
  • the paid service programs;
  • and a possibility of transferring for the new Owner of conditions of the operating bank financing;
  • compliance to requirements of the aviation authorities of the alleged country of registration;

Anyway the plane “from the market” has to pass a stage of technical audit with involvement of either the certified engineer, or the certified service company. With increase of the age of the plane the cost of audit increases and can make 20 000–50 000 USD.

Financing of purchase of the plane

It is clear, that purchase of the plane worth 10, 20, 30 million dollars  means is a freezing of the considerable sum which, being even simply deposited, can bring in the considerable income. Also there is an understanding that in 2, 3, 4 or 5 years there will be a desire to replace the plane with a better one. In case of purchase on borrowed funds from 30 to 80% of cost of the contract are financed. Having analysed the market of used planes, and having determined the estimated cost of the plane of sale in several years, it is possible to calculate the actual cost of a purchase which will consist of the sum of percent on the credit and a difference in the buying price and sale price of the plane.

Falling of cost of the plane in the long term can be counted for 5–7 years proceeding from market statistics or using, for example, a depreciation rate of 5% a year. Considering changes in the market of business aircraft and the world financial markets in recent years, the actual cost of sale of the plane can differ from settlement residual cost considerably. Nevertheless, the more older is the plane, the herder it is to sell itt. An optimal variant is a sale of the plane aged up to five years. At the same time it is necessary to consider that “longer” credit (at equal percent) which conditions can be theoretically postponed for the buyer of the plane, on the one hand can increase the price of the plane or accelerate its sale, and on another — will increase annual expenses of payment of percent on it.

Get a free search for the best deal on the market of aircraft guided by your needs and budget

Please leave your contact details and our experts will contact you

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