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Technical Management

Technical management:


JetSpectre specializes in re-configuring aircraft for various purposes. Once we have acquired a helicopter, we put it through a rigorous inspection and maintenance program that may include a full refurbishment or major overhaul. We are pride with our up to date knowledge of the international helicopter market, often pre-empting demand for various helicopter models and configurations.

Security – in the best of all. Good business relationships like successful partnerships are grounded on trust. Our customers trust us the most precious things in life – we make flights for them and for those they love. We are proud of this responsibility. For that reason security is one of the pillars of our corporate culture.

JetSpectre complies and often exceeds the world’s most stringent safeguards.

For this reason our team of experienced technical experts makes sure that your aircraft is maintained according to all safety regulations and guidelines. This gives you the reassuring feeling of having your aircraft in a technically perfect condition, saving you from unexpected costs and preserving its value.

Our Technical Jet Management includes the following services:

  • Keeping the aircraft in technically perfect condition
  • Monitoring the overall technical conditions
  • Setting up and monitoring planned maintenance schedules according to the manufacturers’ instructions
  • Mandatory inspections control
  • Technical budgets and cost control preparing
  • Guaranteed value preservance

Aircraft design, both interior and exterior, is very important to the client and can be personalized. The look at the aircraft awakes feelings and passions that is very important for noth – owners and passengers.  We work with top designers, both small companies and large, to offer our clients the choice when it comes to selecting a new interior or paint their aircraft.

CAMO services, modifications, cabin reconfigurations and interior refurbishments are only couples of the many complex services required during the life cycle of an aircraft. These are specialist and regulated services that require skills and experience. To complicate things further, every Civil Aviation Authority has their own set of demands, and having the knowledge of these different rules and regulations and the experience dealing with the various authorities is essential for a successful outcome.

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Questions of maintenance operation

The plane is considered to the safest mode of transport. The probability of death of passengers of the plane is tens of thousands times less than probability of death of the drivers and passengers using services of motor transport. However it is necessary to remember that this safety is ensured by the most strict implementation of requirements of producers for frequency and structure of maintenance operation of the main knots and units of the Aircraft. The correct and safe operation, and also the qualified maintenance operation of the plane — necessary conditions of preservation of investments of the Owner.

The guarantee for the new plane resolves many issues concerning unplanned repair. But the guarantee has the restrictions and a certain validity period. What needs  have to be undertaken to ensure the maximum confidence in expeditious maintenance operation, to cut expenses on unplanned and capital repairs, and also to keep plane cost? These questions are even more urgent, at business Jett’s acquisition in the secondary market.

Engines — the most expensive and “loaded” plane – therefore expenses on maintenance of their working capacity are most sensitive. There are various versions of special programs of service — a peculiar “expanded guarantee” both for a fuselage (glider), and for engines. Similar programs are offered by either producers of power plants, or independent suppliers of services.

Generally the contents of all service programs consist in some kind of “depreciation charges” for producer or service company every flight houe of the engine at the expense of which the current and future maintenance costs and repair of the power plant are covered. Each producer provides various at the cost of flight hour and volume of a covering of the program — from simple programs of monitoring and routine maintenance operation to packages, the guaranteeing major repair or replacement of the engine completely at the expense of the producer.

The cost of programs of maintenance operation is determined by an engine make, type of the aircraft, range of services and the paid expenses. Range of payments varies from 150 to 400 US dollars for flight hour.

We provide the generalized data on the programs offered by various producers.

Honeywell Maintenance Service Plan (MSP): MSP, MSP Gold

Program extremely simple and clear. For comparison, conditions of a standard guarantee are given as basic.

The standard guarantee covers only cost for spare parts and work on repair/replacement.

The MSP program includes works on the current technical service and monitoring of a state, intermediate and severe forms of service, and also modernization according to service bulletins, free service of AFU.

MSP Gold — in addition to MSP covers expenses of transportation of the engine and spare parts, and also works both on unplanned, and on planned removal and installation of the engine.

Pratt & Whitney Canada: Eagle Service Plan — ESP

The company offers one or several programs according to which Pratt & Whitney Canada for a certain hourly/monthly payment will bear a burden of expenses on planned inspections and servicing, a major repair of the engine, the unplanned repairs, completions according to service bulletins combined with planned THAT.

ESP Gold Plan includes a full covering of expenses of the operator on the spares needed for repair, including a spare with the appointed resource, and also payment of cost of works, all expenses on repair of VS by a mobile team in AOG cases (Aircraft on Ground — a situation when because of a technical problem the plane can’t take-off). The fixed rate for rent of the engine for the period of dismantle and repair of the faulty power plant is offered to the client.

Rolls-Royce Corporate Care

Rolls-Royce offers the program which is specially prepared for operators of private and corporate planes and also for the companies working according to the scheme of share possession. This package of services is also paid with assignments in each flight hour and includes several key moments, such as preliminary planning of inspections according to the schedule of flights of the client, cutting-down of costs of unplanned repair and a possibility of exact planning of the expenses connected with servicing of engines for the ten-year period.

Williams International Total Assurance Program (TAP)

The program provides three levels — Elite (elite), Preferred (selective), and Limited (limited) that allows to offer the client that set of services most of which conforms to its requirements and financial opportunities. The program allows to cut down expenses on maintenance operation of engines, especially for unplanned repairs.

General Electric On Point

General Electric provides a complex of services in maintenance operation of own power plants. The OnPoint program offers various and flexible options of the organization of process including service packages on a major repair, modernization, planned inspections, parts delivery, preliminary treatment of the engine.
Use of these or those programs of servicing of power plants depends only on desire of the owner and/or the operator business jet. Among pluses of similar programs it is possible to note a possibility of more accurate planning of expenses, speed of reaction and drop of expenses at unplanned repairs or situations of AOG, and also increase the cost of the plane in the secondary market. On the other hand, modern engines differ in high reliability, the between-repairs resource for them is estimated in thousands of flight hours, and refusals are rather rare. The choice of priorities, certainly, remains for the owner.

As a rule, frequency THAT according to programs is determined by the principle “that earlier”: or carrying out time THAT will come at a certain raid, or after certain time even if if this period the raid was small.

The schedule THAT (maintenance) is constantly traced and corrected by the relevant staff of airline operator, the regular engineer and the chief pilot. At commercial use of the plane this schedule has to be provided online to commercial service for the purpose of coordination of a sales plan and flights of the Owner with the schedule THAT. Such approach allows to develop the plan of flights providing the maximum commercial loading of the plane and minimization of empty flights. The similar regulations of work are one of the main operating levers processes of drop of expenses.




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