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Crewing service

Crewing service:

The crew is one of the most important elements of jet management. Given their importance for a safe and enjoyable flight experience, we attach great importance to our pilots and flight attendants’ qualifications and reliability.

In order to guarantee the highest possible safety on Jet Spectre flights, our pilots continually take part in further trainings. We co-operate with leading training centres worldwide and also train in flight simulators to be prepared for the most critical flight situations imaginable.

Our Crewing Service involves the following services:

  • Selection and assessment of aircrew, and background checks
  • Regular safety trainings and continuous education
  • Providing employment agreements in line with international standards, also respecting local and national regulations
  • Payroll-accounting,
  • Cost-efficient crew travel and visa arrangements when necessary

Most aircraft owners treat their asset with extreme care as this not only keeps its value at a maximum but it also means that the operations costs are kept in check. More importantly, those flying on an airliner, business jet or helicopter, deserve to fly in the knowledge that it is being operated to the highest safety standards. Crews are in the front line when it comes to safety and caring for an asset. They therefore need to be provided by a partner who can select only the very best. We can source, select and provide crews for all types of operations private and commercial.

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Selection of flight and engineering structure

Aviation rules demand preparation of the main instructions for control of airplane for each concrete plane.

One of the major tasks facing the Owner is staff recruitment. This problem needs to be solved beforehand — before arrival of the plane. Safety of flights, technical condition of aircraft, and also quality of service, first of all, depends on the one who will work at your plane during flight performance.

Buying the plane it is necessary to think over beforehand structure and the schedule of work of personnel. The salary of aircrew is an essential factor. It is necessary to consult about the cost and terms of production of the instruction, and also terms of the approval of these instructions in the aviation authorities. It is necessary to consider that terms of production and the statement can make up to 4 months, and it is possible not to manage to prepare them by the time of acceptance of the plane.

From the operator and the aviation authorities it is possible to receive answers almost to any questions interesting the Owner. It is only necessary to remember that everything that is beyond the contract is paid in addition for the price quoted by the performer.

On the basis of the contract signed with the operator, after receiving serial numbers, aircraft is brought in the air operator certificate in case of commercial registration.
Buying the plane it is necessary to think over beforehand structure and the schedule of work of personnel. The salary of aircrew is the essential factor influencing direct constant expenses. Staff recruitment has to be carried out practically one year prior to reception of the plane, that is in the course of its construction, to a stage of acceptance of the plane. The personnel have to be picked carefully up and prepared for work first of all with the Owner.

First of all, it is necessary to define who is necessary for ensuring flights of the Owner.

Personnel number, certainly, depends on the plane chosen by you. For service of aircraft of a middle and big class it will be required:

In case the plane is used only by the owner (at a small raid of hours in a year):

3 pilots;
2 stewards;
1 engineer;
1 administrator.
In case the plane is used in commercial loading (at the maximum loading in a year):

4–5 pilots;
3–4 stewards;
1–2 engineers;
1 administrator. “Administrator” is understood as the representative Vladeltsa who carries out direct contact piece to the Operator at the order and the organization of flights, and also exercises control over expenses of the operator and his reports. Now we will consider an algorithm of search and staff recruitment. Search and staff recruitment need to be begun actually with the moment of signing of the contract on acquisition of the plane.
A lot of things depend on how you solve the following problems:

Choice of the operator: Russian or foreign;
Whether it is planned to hand over the plane in a charter or it will be only in private use;
The plane will be bought new or in the secondary market.

  • For pilots: preferable age — up to 55 years; the higher education; the general raid for the commander of the aircraft (CA) — not less than 5 000-6 000 hours, for the second pilot — not less than 2 000-3 000 hours (the raid on type which will be operated is desirable); knowledge of English (it isn’t lower than the level of conducting radio exchange, it is desirable free), admissions on performance of flights; medical certificates; personal qualities (loyalty to the owner, resistance to stress, skill to communicate, responsibility);
  • For the engineer: the general length of service not less than 4-5 years and an experience on aircraft of the chosen type — it is desirable of a year if there is no possibility of retraining; knowledge of technical English; necessary courses, trainings and admissions towards performance of technical works on the aircraft this type;
  • For the steward: marital status (existence of a family and children of 3 years is desirable); external data (women up to 35 years, growth depending on plane type; clothing size — it is desirable till 46-48); the general experience — from 3–4 years, and in business aircraft — of 1 year; skills of the order of food at restaurants;
  • For the administrator: experience with airlines, hendlingovy companies, restaurants, airports, public aviation services; experience of sales; experience of permission of emergency situations.

It is possible to look for flight personnel or independently or through the recruiting (personnel) agencies. The cost of service of the agency in this case will make from 10 to 15% of an annual salary of the selected employee. However the recruiting agency has more opportunities and the Owner is given an opportunity to check at first questionnaires of applicants, and then to meet personally the selected candidates. It is necessary to consider that arrival and accommodation of candidates at a meeting with the Owner is carried out at the expense of the Owner. It concerns both pilots, and stewardesses, and engineers. We will remind that in the choice of aircrew also the position of the operator is important.

Not always the pleasant candidate can have necessary qualification (the admission on the aircraft type) at the time of the invitation to work, therefore, it is necessary to consider a question of its training and retraining.

We will assume that the corresponding pilots suiting the Owner and ready for it are found to work. It is possible that these pilots will need retraining and the admission on this type of the plane as it isn’t in their license. There is a task to organize training. Here everything depends on what plane you bought. If you bought the new plane, the manufacturer provides slots on training of 2 pilots and 2 engineers. However we recommend to request training of 3 pilots and 1 engineer; if the plane from the secondary market, it is necessary to request the slot, that is to get in line for training in the first possible group in the relevant training center.

The following question — training cost. The price of training depends on aircraft chosen by you and training center.

The average cost of training taking into account payment of flight, hotel, daily allowance:

  • pilot: 30 000–45 000 euros;
  • engineer: 30 000–40 000 euros;
  • steward: 3 000–10 000 euros. At the same time it is necessary to consider that training term for pilots and engineers will make from 15 to 60 days (if the pilot has still no preparation on the aircraft this type), the steward’s course — 5–10 days. Before training it is recommended to sign the student’s contract with each of employees, thereby guaranteeing that the employee won’t leave you within 1–3 years or will pay a penalty.

The schedule of work of pilots can significantly differ at private and commercial operation because of the number of flights. Therefore if at private operation it is possible to manage three pilots, then at commercial operation it is necessary to have 4 or 5 pilots. Two pilots (from them KVS can be one or both), the stewardess (the steward, a flaytmenedzher) enter into structure of crew of planes of average and big classes. If on flight there are about 6 passengers, they are served, as a rule, by one stewardess if 8–12, then two. It is necessary to consider that at commercial operation even at dense loading pilots and stewardesses can’t constantly be by plane. For this reason it is necessary to plan their accommodation, food and daily allowance, and also costs of air tickets when changing pilots.

Now it is a little about the salary. Certainly, the ZP level is defined by the market and the Owner. However on average, the salary of the commander of the aircraft makes from 8 000–10 000 euros, the second pilot — from 5 000–8 000 euros, the engineer — from 4 000 euros, the steward — from 3500 euros, the administrator — from 4 000 euros. The dispersion of level of the salaries is high, and depends on type of the plane and experience of the candidate.

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