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Gulfstream G650ER for sale

Gulfstream G650ER for sale

Year • 2018

Brand new

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Bombardier Global 6000 for sale

Bombardier Global 6000 for sale

Year • 2018

Brand new

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Embraer Phenom 300 for sale

Embraer Phenom 300 for sale

Year • 2018

Brand new

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Embraer Legacy 500 for sale

Embraer Legacy 500 for sale

Year • 2018

Brand new

Price on request

Gulfstream G280 for sale

Gulfstream G280 for sale

Year • 2018

Brand new

Price on request

Bombardier Challenger 350 for sale

Bombardier Challenger 300 for sale

Year • 2014

TTAF • 90

Location • United Kingdom

Price on request

Embraer Legacy 650 for sale

Embraer Legacy 650 for sale

Year • 2011

TTAF • 295

Location • Europe

Price on request

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Dassault Falcon 7X for sale

Dassault Falcon 7X for sale

Year • 2011

TTAF • 408

Location • United States

Price on request

Gulfstream G650 for sale

Gulfstream G650 for sale

Year • 2014

TTAF • 55

Location • United States

Price on request

Bombardier Challenger 605 for sale

Bombardier Challenger 605 for sale

Year • 2012

TTAF • 872

Location • United States

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Airplanes for sale guide.

Possibly, magnificent flights – a limit of the most courageous dreams. However, possession of the private airplanes for sale can become your most terrible nightmare, and here 15 reasons why.

They say that a limit – only the sky. And in case of magnificent life and stylish travel even the sky – not a limit. On the earth wealthy people buy sports cars, such as Ferrari, Aston Martin and Mercedes. On water – build the most expensive sailing vessels, exclusive yachts and the cruise ships in the world. And in the sky, purchase of the private airplanes for sale finishes a magnificent puzzle.

The private airplane is necessary?

However, the first question which itself should set before buying the private airplanes for sale, – why. Why do you want to own personal jets? At first can seem that it is an optimum way to travel, but you do not know that is behind a magnificent curtain. Of course, it does not mean that the dream of the airplane has to remain unrealizable. But if you get acquainted with all 15 reasons described in this article, and will still dream of an own airplane, then go and make it. However, if the worm of doubt creeps in already on the first points, then know that it not for you. So, fasten belts and you keep until we banish your magnificent dreams through the turbulence of reality.

The aircraft should not stand idle.

For a start let’s analyze your answer to a question why you want to buy the private airplane for sale. Besides that, you need the privilege to have luxury whether really in it there are a need and need? The initial purpose of purchase of any vehicle is direct transportation, ability to deliver from point A to point B. Therefore if you have no urgent need to move between the remote points of the planet to the shortest time, then probably desire to have business jets become superfluous.

If you plan to use it on the occasion of the thirteenth full moon, then the airplane risks to stay the most part of the life in a hangar. However, it was constructed not for this purpose. The jets have to fly.

The elementary decision in this case – to lease the airplane for sale when you do not use it. But whether you can trust those who will charter jets? These people can damage the upholstery of chairs made of genuine leather or spill drink on a magnificent carpet and to leave spots. Are you ready to cope with its consequences? Therefore if you do not overcome quite often long distances, then the own airplane will not become a necessity. There are also other ways to plunge into luxury without problem consequences. Continue to read, and you learn.

Even rich and well-known prefer to rent the airplane.

Yes, all of us like to travel, and very few people are capable to refuse a stylish trip. Possession of the private airplane means that you do not need to buy tickets, to have pre flight examinations, to stand in a queue to get aboard or to wait until the stewardess serves other passengers.

But look around. How many people own private airplanes? Compare them with the number of the millionaires existing at the moment in the world. You see, even rich and well-known prefer to rent the airplane, but not to buy it in a private property. The highest paid movie stars, politicians, and racers of Formula One do not buy airplane for sale; even taking into account that their way of life and a field of activity assume continuous movements, lease of the airplane remains optimum an exit. And matter is not that they are not able to afford such expenditure – can, just they understand that purchase will be them much more expensive the direct cost of the liner. Let’s discuss expenses in the following items.

With whom you will travel?

Unlike Hollywood stars, you are hardly surrounded by so rich and famous friends, and long flights will seem even more boring and tiresome without the good company. Especially, when charging of phone comes to an end or the interesting book comes to an end. Similar situations can upset if you travel alone by private airplane. All flight should be whiled away in a dream. It seems to you amusing? In the same way, it would be possible to sleep in a chair of a business class of regular flight. It would cost much cheaper.

Private airplanes, even the most compact, take more than one seat. So if you, not a celebrity which travels with the manager the bodyguard and the personal assistant, you do not need the whole airplane only for yourself. The correct decision would be to acquire the best ticket for a usual commercial flight. There you will be well served, you receive the maximum level of comfort. You should not worry that you spent more money than had to. If you want to be lifted to the following level of luxury, then it is always possible to charter the private airplane and to depart in the pleasant company to any part of the world.

The travel with friends will cost even more.

Reading the previous point, you probably thought what would be great to depart with friends by private airplane. Of course, it is cheerful. And still — it is expensive. You do not want that friends starved at the height of 6000 meters, so? And if onboard there is a bottle of expensive wine, then it is necessary to divide each drink.

According to other scenario, it is necessary to fork up too. Let’s say you invite aboard several friends. You ask them to divide expenses? If yes, that it probably last time when they fly with you. But if is not present, then you, eventually, allow them to fly a self-locking device: you provide them transport, they to you – the company and a talk. It, certainly, will be even more expensive.

Eventually, you decide to fly alone, and we come back to the previous point why you have to consider the decision to buy the private airplane for sale twice.

If you do not trust, ask Lewis Hamilton, the former world champion of F1 owning the private airplane. But all other racers prefer to rent business jets, but not to ask aboard to Lewis. Why? Reflect at a leisure, and we pass to the following item.

You sometimes heard about a tax on luxury?

Now let’s pass to business. As it was already mentioned earlier, acquisition of the private airplane for sale will cost to youthfulness, than you will spend directly for purchase. There are also other expenses which will lay down on your shoulders. And the main article of expenses – the tax on luxury which is officially extended to citizens of some countries. So, if you the citizen of France, the USA, Australia, Mexico or some other countries – accept congratulations: these states assess the wealthy citizens with a high tax on possession of luxury goods. For other countries it is only a matter of time. The rate of a tax on luxury varies in the different countries, and, as a rule, makes 5-30% of the cost of the luxury goods.

To depict a picture, present that, having bought used airplanes of Gulfstream G280 (2014) for $15 million, you should pay additional $1,5 million in the form of a 10 percent tax.

Besides, some countries, for example Italy, apply a tax on luxury even to passengers of such liners. So, if you fly from New York to Rome by private airplane, then will have to pay in addition €200 as a tax. The same sum should be paid for the return flight. At the choice of regular flight passengers are saved from similar expenditure.

Insurance of the airplane – one more item of expenditure.

Besides the tax obligatory to payment, one more necessary item of expenditure is the insurance. Having saved on an insurance it is possible to remain in general without a thing. Especially, so far as concerns luxury goods, such as the airplane for sale. The airplane is more important to insure, than to issue the insurance policy on any other vehicle. Can seem that less risks, than driving of the sports car as rules of flights much more strict, than traffic regulations have flight. However no rules and requirements can insure from risk of damages.

As well as at any vehicle, components and details of the airplane for sale can break and become useless. The insurance will cover contingencies for which you cannot bear responsibility. Besides, as well as any transport, the aircraft can have an accident. Aviation incidents are more risky, than other movements, and not only from the point of view of safety of passengers, but also in respect of physical damage. How much for insurance? On average insurance companies raise about 0,3% of vessel case cost. Thus, for airplanes at the cost of 10 million dollars, the annual insurance will make $30 000. Expensively, isn’t it? For this money it is possible to buy the good new car annually.

Costs of maintenance are very high.

Expensive equipment needs exclusive service. And, unfortunately, exclusive service means its high cost. But you have no other options. You have to support business airplanes in the best form. You do not want to risk the precious life, flying by faulty airplane, isn’t it?

Therefore it is necessary to adhere strictly to the schedule of service. And it is a question not only your personal security, but also and lives of other people. That is why the deviation from the schedule of repairs and service involves an opportunity to lose the flight license. And what good on the airplane if it cannot fly?

Even if you use the aircraft not really often or at all do not use it, some details still need replacement. Yes, it is obligatory. Some of them need to be changed quarterly. Besides, the service based on the hourly schedule of flight is necessary. It means that expenses wait for you until you have a private airplane.

On average, owners of private liners spend not less than $100 000 a year only for a covering of expenses on maintenance. Here restoration of details and the additional equipment do not enter. It is what cannot be put aside. Otherwise you risk the license, or, what is even worse, own life.

Who will work for you?

If it seems to you that to find the driver takes a lot of time and efforts, wait, you will not face yet need to find the correct pilot for the airplane for sale. Independent employment of the pilot demands understanding everything flight and preflight needs. In particular, it is necessary to check its experience, the license, an environment and a mental state. And it is only an iceberg top! Skilled pilots are much more expensive, than beginners. And it means that maintenance costs of the airplane for sale increase again.

How many you will spend for the pilot and the navigator depends on how it is frequent and on what distances you will fly. Commanders of private liners earn about $200 000 a year, on condition of flights according to the schedule and only within one country. If you look for the pilot who will steer the liner at any time and at any distances, then have to select the budget in $300 000 a year. And if you prefer to have onboard the flight crew capable to satisfy any requirements, it is necessary to put $50 000 more in expenses. Here where the luxury meets service and safety. And as a result – additional expenses for an opportunity to show off.

Need to get a set of permissions and to do different paper work.

If the staff of road inspectorate could stop the airplane for sale, they would ask to provide more powerful package of documents, than the rights and documents for the vehicle. The order and safety of flights are extremely important. Each country takes the most serious measures to development of rules, maintaining policy and air traffic control. That is why it is not as simple to fly from one city in another how to overcome the same distance by car.

For possession of the airplane for sale the driving license is not necessary. But as soon as you will prepare for flight, here and paper work will begin to boil. The captain and the navigator – not the only people for whom the license is necessary. As it was already mentioned earlier, business airplanes has to have the flight admission too. It is the certificate of safety, but there is more to come. First, you need registration data of the airport at which the vessel will be based and under repair. If you are going to leave borders of the country, permission for this purpose is also necessary. And insurance. In addition to it, registration of the aircraft for sale is necessary.

Without these data your dream of comfortable flights can turn into a bureaucratic nightmare in a few minutes. Without them you are waited by enormous penalties, and even confiscation of the liner.

It not the same as to own the luxury sports car.

If you think to buy the airplane for sale to fill up the asset just because the sports car is already not enough, then forget about it. Possession of airplane for sale has nothing in common with the sports car. Neighbors who pass by an open garage can admire your smart car, but the only people who will pass by a hangar where there is your airplane, there will be employees of the airport and crew. If you do not take a selfie and to publish a photo business jets in social networks, then the crew will remain your only audience.

The airplane will not bring you the same satisfaction that the luxury car. Neighbors, for example, have a chance to see you driving brand new Ferrari, and here will hardly notice the new airplane. So if a desire to brag is what you really look for, then a purchase of the personal liner does not suit you. Perhaps, you should just buy more prestigious car? It does not necessarily have to be expensive, the main thing – image. And there are many options at choice. For example, the fastest EP9 NIO electric vehicle released in limited quantity. Or it is possible to start a hunt for vintage cars, such as Ferrari, Aston Martin or Porsche which at auctions cost up to 38 million dollars. The choice for you.

Let’s depict a picture of prime cost of each departure.

So, you learned about expenses on possession of the airplane for sale besides direct costs of its purchase. You gained an impression about that how many you will have to spend in a year only for maintenance of the vessel whole and safe? Now let’s draw more concrete picture: in how many you will bypass flight by airplane which you also own?

The biggest cost of operation of the airplane is a fuel. Of course, its expense depends on type of the airplane for sale which you want to get. It is less and easier it will burn the airplane the less fuel. For example, the 8-seater Cessna Citation X liner consumes about 1400 liters of fuel in an hour of flight, so, it will be necessary to spend about $2000 an hour only for fuel. Even more compact four-seater Cirrus Vision SF50 airplane will cost $700 in an hour of flight. Now let’s compare these expenses to airfare for regular flight of commercial airline. The first class ticket along a route from New York to Washington will cost about $400. It is almost twice cheaper than flight by the smallest and less magnificent airplane for sale.

Not to use the airplane — means to pay for it.

Earlier it was already mentioned that the jets are intended not to stand idle in a hangar. The airplane has to fly. And it is one of the reasons. If you think that idle time will cost cheaper, then you are mistaken. You, for example, already know that some details should be changed on a regular basis depending on a flight number of hours. So, in the sky or on the earth, the private airplane costs very much.

Even before there will be a need of repair, the first that to you as to the owner, it is necessary to solve — where you plan to leave the aircraft. If you are not the owner of a huge garage with direct access to a runway, then you need to rent the place in a hangar of the airport. Some air harbors practice the parking of airplanes in the open air. It is much cheaper than the state or private hangar, and costs everything about $50 a month. But you think that this wise decision to leave the magnificent liner under the influence of extreme weather conditions without appropriate protection?

Depending on the size of a hangar and its arrangement, the cost of rent can vary, but on average, the rental rate makes about $500 a month. And it is even more, than the average resident of the European megalopolis pays for rent of housing for himself and the family.

If you not a global star, it is difficult for you to sell the airplane.

When you buy the sports car, and then decide to sell it to buy the car it is better, the transaction will not become a problem. If you well cared for the car, then, at least, kept its value that will allow even to sell it with profit. But so far as concerns the airplane for sale, these rules do not work.

Yes, the classical airplane for sale can be of great value, then its purchase price. But for this purpose, it is necessary to support decades him and to pay for service. And now you have to understand well that maintenance of the airplane in operating state costs very much. So if you do not plan to care for the airplane several years until it becomes classics and a rarity, this scenario does not suit you.

Some celebrities and billionaires successfully sell the airplanes because their names speak for themselves. Unfortunately, little-known, though very wealthy people do not possess such privilege. Thus, your jets will fill up the list of the regular used airplanes  for sale.

Eventually, expenses on maintenance of the airplanes for sale will constantly grow and you should sell the liner at greatly reduced prices. Anyway, you will lose money. The question is as follows: the magnificent vehicle costs all difficulties and troubles?

It not always is a form of investments.

We already discussed what difficulty can be a transaction on sale of the used airplane. And its cost, most likely, will fall in comparison to the buying price. Therefore you have to know that the airplane is not an asset, and its purchase sometimes is not an investment.

You, probably, somewhere read about this type of capital investments. But understand correctly: investments in airplane for sale mean purchase of the old vessel, restoration it and bringing to the more valuable asset. Then you will be able it either to resell, or to fill up the collection, or to organize commercial flights. This investment. But to buy the airplane for sale occasionally to fly on the world, and then to sell as soon as it bothers you – it is not an investment. You definitely will lose money. Even if you manage to sell it more expensively, than bought, it will not cover the incurred expenses on operation and maintenance.

Holding 10 million dollars, it is better to make these investments in other sphere, for example, to the real estate. The cost of the earth continues to grow. It is a little patience, and finally you will be able to increase the capital.

The private airplane – luxury only for very important people.

Let’s look at the truth in eyes: the airplane for sale – luxury not for everyone. Even if you are able to afford so wasteful expenditure of money, it does not mean yet what you have to make so. The owner of private jets has to meet the following requirements:

Is able to afford to lose money (on taxes, an insurance, licenses, service and the parking of the aircraft);

At least, two times a week are regular to fly (not only between the cities but, perhaps, to make intercontinental flights);

To work according to the unrationed schedule (schedules of regular flights can not coincide with its schedule of trips);

To have the desire to work with documentation (not only to pay but also to understand and bear responsibility for a package of documents);

Always to be in an environment of people because it — very important person (from here and the need for space during the travel);

There cannot be one, in the airport without protection as it is very popular (it the horde of admirers or haters attacks);

It is rather known that people wanted to buy from it something.

So, you correspond to any of these criteria? And still, you want to buy the private airplane for sale?

If all this is interesting to you, then you can use modern financial instruments which will help to buy the airplane for sale.

Aviation leasing.

Aviation leasing is an almost main instrument of financing of airlines on acquisition of the aircraft equipment now. During the financial economic crisis which began in 2008 and did not end still airlines of the world doubled the financial debt.

For them, it turned back restriction of opportunities in granting the credits to them from the financial organizations. But the leasing companies come of airlines to the rescue. As a result, one of the ways of financing of airlines is aviation leasing. Practically any of aircraft companies cannot independently buy the airplane for sale, without resorting to services of the leasing companies.

In general in world air transport now about 50 leasing companies specializing in the financial and operational leasing of aircraft actively work. From them 27 are American. After the USA Ireland which has 5 leasing companies is on the second place, at Germany is them 3, at France, Great Britain, Sweden, the Netherlands and Singapore – on 2, and at such states as Israel, Kuwait, the UAE, the Republic of South Africa and Russia – on one more or less effectively operating leasing company.

In general, the leasing companies of the world have the park more than 6000 aircraft which are estimated for the sum over 100 bln. dollars. The largest leasing company in the world is the American GECAS (General Electric Capital Aviation Services). It has the park more than 1200 aircraft estimated at 30 bln. dollars. At the same time, GECAS combines financial crediting with the leasing of the equipment of the parental company General Electric, financing generally the airlines operating aircraft with General Electric engines. Besides, she finances airlines on the security of their airplane park. Airlines are forced to go on it to avoid bankruptcy.

In particular, General Electric signed the three-year loan contract for the sum more than 630 mln. dollars with the Delta Eyre airline Layiz according to whom the Delta undertakes to transfer GECAS of 40 airplanes upon the demand of the lessor in case of its bankruptcy.

The IFLC leasing company (International Lease Finance Corporation) which specializes only in financial leasing is on the second place. It has the park about 850 VS estimated at 16 bln. dollars. The Boeing Capital Corp company having the park about 360 aircraft for the sum exceeding 5 bln. dollars is in the third place, other leasing companies of the world own the park from 4 to 300 aircraft estimated from 40 million to 4 bln. dollars. For years of crisis, the number of the new aircraft ordered by the leasing companies was reduced more than twice.

This tendency proceeds and now. Analysts connect a condition of the financial market which part is aviation leasing, with the general condition of the world economy and predict that revival in this sphere will occur together with the growth of GNP of the states of the world.

Types of leasing.

In world aircraft there are different types of leasing operations, however, in fact, they are derivative of two main types: financial leasing (or rent) and operational leasing (or operational rent). A specific place is held by so-called returnable leasing.

Financial leasing.

Within financial leasing which term usually makes from 10 to 20 years the aircraft equipment comes to full maintaining airline lessee with payment of the cost of the equipment the coordinated shares during all term of rent. After the termination of a term and full payment of the rent of the aeromechanic can carry over the lessee (or the tenant) with payment residual pave hundred or without that (depending on leasing details). Within financial leasing, the profit and risks connected with possession and operation of the aircraft are transferred to the tenant. Obligations for financial rent join in balance sheets of airlines as long-term debt. At the same time, financial leasing gives the chance to lessors to count risks on the basis of residual cost, but not on the basis of solvency of airline. Therefore financial forms of leasing are widely used in a number of the aviation markets, especially in the market of the USA where tax advantages allow to carry out financing of airlines with a use of such sources of financing as banks, the insurance and leasing companies.

Kind of financial leasing (or capital rent) is the so-called “the weighed rent” (leverage lease) at which three parties participate in the rent transaction: lessor, tenant, and creditor. At the same time, long-term financing is carried out by creditors. In the standard transaction on “the weighed rent” the airline actually buys the airplanes for sale by installments with payment of cost during all term of rent.

Originally the airline pays 10-20% of the cost of aviation equipment, and other 80-90% by installments equal shares until the end of rent term. The leasing company involved in such transaction assumes the tenant subcontractor’s duty, and the creditor at the same time receives steady percent on the loan capital. The airline lessee has that benefit that it pays only the pure rent for use of aviation equipment, having considerable advantages in tax benefits as only the domestic tax law extends to it at such transaction. It should be noted that recently primary development in world aircraft was gained by operational leasing as the most flexible form of the lease of aircraft.

Operational leasing.

Within operational leasing, the airline just uses the property rented by it during the shorter period which is not exceeding 5-7 years. Besides expansion of opportunities of a rather fast financing of acquisition by airlines of aircraft, such form of cross-border rent of the equipment provides essential tax benefits.

If financial leasing as it was noted above, joins in the balance of airline as long-term debt, then operational leasing does not join in balance that is especially important for the airline having the considerable level of financial debt. The operational form of rent is attractive to airlines not only from the point of view of balance sheets but also in connection with the high degree of flexibility which they provide concerning the planning of the park of aircraft.

Besides, the leasing companies specializing in operational rent provide to airlines a wide range of services, including maintenance and repair of the aircraft, and also marketing, consultations on financial questions, etc. They can receive and provide favorable financing terms of acquisition of aviation equipment on the basis of own assets, and also on an appeal of the prices of the aircraft as a result of their wholesale purchase at producers. So, now orders of the leasing companies make more than 20% of a total of release of new aircraft and it is expected that in the next decades this share considerably will increase. Thus, the leasing companies received essential market levels in scales of all branch of civil aviation.

One of kinds of operational leasing is so-called “wet rent” (wet lease) at which the aircraft is leased together with the crew. At the same time expenses on keeping of crew are incurred, as a rule, by the tenant (lessee). The feature of this type of leasing is that in the agreement on rent the minimum guaranteed raid of hours in a month on the rented airplane and net value (net) years – a leg of hour of operation of the aircraft makes a reservation. It should be noted that at any form of leasing according to requirements of IKAO three main categories of participants of leasing operations are defined:

– the operator of an airplanes for sale (operator);

– country of the operator (State of operator);

– country of registration (State of registration).

Each of these categories unambiguously defines the sphere of legal responsibility and duties connected with all aspects of flight and technical operation of aircraft.

Returnable leasing.

On the of rather new tools on financing of the aviation equipment is such type of leasing as “Sale and lease back” (SLB) or returnable leasing. Its essence consists that the leasing company buys the airplane or the engine from airline with their simultaneous transfer to rent for longer term in the same airline. The operation SLB is applied as to the new aircraft which are just released by the producer and to the aircrafts acquired by airline earlier and having a certain raid. This form of leasing is not only means for the attraction of the capital on acquisition of new airplanes for sale and own spare aircraft engines, but also helps airlines to release the money which is earlier spent for purchase and to invest them in other more urgent problems of development and survival.

For many airlines even removal of cost of the spare engine from their balance also has the essential positive value connected with depreciation and a tax burden. The leasing companies borrow means for purchase of airplanes and engines, using the high credit ratings, and also special financial instruments which they use together with banks, the pension funds and insurance companies.

It should be noted that the leasing companies are not guaranteed against risk of the losses connected with nonpayments of leasing payments by airlines and a non-return of the leased equipment. So, bankruptcies of such large airlines as TVA (in the USA), Meksikana (in Mexico), Varig (in Brazil), etc., yielded severe losses for the leasing companies forced to waste time for return of the property, and also to incur legal costs and to lose the considerable income.

Despite the rechecked credit stories of airline lessees leasing payments quite often detain, and sometimes and absolutely cease to pay because of financial insolvency. Anyway, the leasing companies have to service the debt to creditors to keep the credit rating and an opportunity to occupy the capital for further activity.

Due to such circumstances, it is necessary to mention that else in 2001 in Cape Town the Convention on the international guarantees concerning the mobile equipment and the special Protocol to it on the aviation equipment was signed. The convention recognizes advantages of leasing and the financing provided with assets and establishes accurate regulations of such transactions. The protocol sets as the purpose adaptation of the Convention to specific requirements of aviation financing. The protocol extends the action to aviation objects to which gliders of aircraft, aviation engines and airplanes belong.

Private airplane preferences.

In the modern age of high speeds and at least the high rhythm of life many people from businessmen to politicians need a safe and fast transport. Travel by private airplane gives undeniable advantages over any other means of transport unless of course, you don’t need to move to an adjacent street. The reason is simple – a business person first and foremost appreciates their time. If the need arises to appear in places far apart, the airplanes-best output. Another advantage for flights on private airplane-confidentiality. Many businessmen sometimes this privilege of movement put in one number with speed. An additional plus in favor of purchasing an airplane-safety.

Often airplanes for sporting purposes, or simply to fly. Many famous persons have airplanes, enjoying, piloting them. When talking about business-class airplanes, imply a certain level of comfort, regardless of what airplane this comfort will provide. Typically consider three classes of airplanes: ultralight (single and double), four to ten-short-range airplane and gas turbine (turboprop and Jet) machines, with a capacity of 6-14 people.

Small aviation airplane for sale. The sale of which began in our country long enough for business activity. Such machines are used for flight, on vacation, in hostile terrain, in agriculture. In some countries these types of airplanes for sale produced in homebuilt kits (DIY). Therefore, light airplane, sales of which now gathers pace, more suited to farmers, athletes or fans of “fly”.

Short-range airplane can be used for business travel. But such machines are not immune from “air pocket”, which have already managed to wean, flying on modern airplane. Airplanes equipped with turbine engines, have good flight characteristics and a large comfortable lounge. The price for such a machine, of course, significantly higher than the lungs.

So, before buying an airplane for sale, you need to decide what you are buying, say, not the cheapest equipment.

If the airplane for sale is not purchased new, our experts will carry out a technical examination, and then will make the specification of the machine. May be assessed the costs of acquisition, as well as on the subsequent operation of the airplane (which can also perform our company). Our specialists will help you to register the purchased airplanes for sale and save your time.

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