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Gulfstream G650ER for sale

Gulfstream G650ER for sale

Year • 2018

Brand new

Price on request

Bombardier Global 6000 for sale

Bombardier Global 6000 for sale

Year • 2018

Brand new

Price on request

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Embraer Phenom 300 for sale

Embraer Phenom 300 for sale

Year • 2018

Brand new

Price on request

Embraer Legacy 500 for sale

Embraer Legacy 500 for sale

Year • 2018

Brand new

Price on request

Gulfstream G280 for sale

Gulfstream G280 for sale

Year • 2018

Brand new

Price on request

Bombardier Challenger 350 for sale

Bombardier Challenger 300 for sale

Year • 2014

TTAF • 90

Location • United Kingdom

Price on request

Embraer Legacy 650 for sale

Embraer Legacy 650 for sale

Year • 2011

TTAF • 295

Location • Europe

Price on request

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Dassault Falcon 7X for sale

Dassault Falcon 7X for sale

Year • 2011

TTAF • 408

Location • United States

Price on request

Gulfstream G650 for sale

Gulfstream G650 for sale

Year • 2014

TTAF • 55

Location • United States

Price on request

Bombardier Challenger 605 for sale

Bombardier Challenger 605 for sale

Year • 2012

TTAF • 872

Location • United States

Price on request




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Instruction – How to find private aircraft for sale.

People buy aircraft for various reasons. In adoption of such important decision on purchase can play a role of both emotion, and the logician. However, as well as in a case with any large investments, purchase of the private aircraft for sale has to be thought well over and considered from several points of view. We talked to a number of experts in this area about what steps need to be taken for commission of such purchase.

For most of people it makes sense to employ team of people for participation in making decision on purchase. The broker or the consultant will direct process, the lawyer – to deal with contracts and other legal issues, the accountant – to give tax and financial consultations, and the qualified aircraft mechanic – to carry out technical inspections. These are key members of team.

This text has to help you to understand what to begin with, and also to bring to you the most widespread mistakes that you could avoid them. In general, purchase can borrow from several weeks to several months, depending on a set of nuances on each of the stages given below.

Analysis of the market of aircraft for sale.

Before beginning to investigate the options presented at the market (where you risk to fall in love with the available aircraft for sale), it is very important to carry out the careful and honest analysis. According to David Wyndam, the consultant of the Conklin & de Decker company, one of the most widespread mistakes of potential buyers by search of the aircraft for sale is to regret time for drawing up the list of their own requirements to the aircraft for sale. Your broker will have a number of various tools for assessment of your requirements. Also there are online tools – for example, programs of assessment of aircraft, and on the website of the Conklin company are the calculator of emissions of CO2 and service of comparison of aircraft. It is necessary to consider the following factors:

Your need for travel by aircraft.

For a start remember how many you traveled within the last 12 months: how often you flew how far and with what number of passengers? You flew from airport terminals or used smaller regional airfields? You flew on affairs? On rest? Both there, and there? Carried with themselves a lot of baggage? How these requirements will change in the near future? Any special requirements to the aircraft and its abilities or opportunities. It is necessary to consider all these factors.

It is important not to assume that one argument moved all others. Richard Hodkinson, the vice-president for sales and acquisitions of aircraft in the Clay Lacy Aviation company, considers the most widespread mistake of the clients that they too strongly concentrate on one argument for purchase, at the same time ignoring other requirements. For example, once a year you for a week fly to Hawaii to a holiday with ten members of the family. Within the remained year you usually fly alone or together on distance of several hundred miles. What aircraft you buy: big 12-seater which is too big for your daily requirements or small, and for a week trip to Hawaii you rent something more? Hodkinson advises to buy the aircraft which to us is necessary to 99% of time, but not remained 1%.

New or second-hand aircraft.

New aircraft for sale are more expensive, but by them the guarantee is provided. Besides, it is always pleasant to own something brand new. Old aircraft for sale can be bought cheaper, but with age they can become much more expensive in service. There can be difficulties with search of spare parts for aircraft 25 years are more senior. The analysis of expenses of life cycle will help you to compare the general expenses on operation during the planned possession term, and also will allow to compare the new aircraft for sale to second-hand.

The budget on the aircraft for sale.

Do not think that the aircraft at the price of $4 million – by default the best option for purchase, than the aircraft at the price of $8 million. It is necessary to consider a number of additional expenses at possession of aircraft – at least, operation, annual service, storage and work of crew. Wyndam notes that in this case share owners often have advantage as they are usually best of all informed on (planned) expenses which accompany possession. He advises: “The aircraft is an expensive asset; it is necessary to force it to work for you”. Besides expenses, think of the income. Whether you will lease the aircraft for sale? How you will be able to organize the investment work with benefit for the budget?

The following also belongs to budgetary questions: whether you plan pure purchase of the aircraft or purchase in leasing whether you will attract third-party financing or you will manage own means.

Comparison of models of aircraft for sale.

This aspect is also included into the following category therefore we will consider it there.


As a result of your analysis, you with team will make the list of brands and models which meet your requirements and the purposes. For each model in the list your advisers have to designate opportunities and advantages, strong and weaknesses, and also the expected expenses. Now time to look that it offers the market came.

“It is very important to investigate an aircraft origin before purchase”, – Hodkinson says. It is not necessary to rely only on stories of the agent of the seller. Their purpose – to sell, and yours – to be convinced that you buy the aircraft for sale suitable you. You have to conduct researches further, than simple studying of the announcement. Begin with the simple desk research considering type of the aircraft for sale which you look for, and your budget. After you outlined the approximate list, you can narrow it, studying an origin of aircraft for sale. It is extremely important to receive the detailed magazine with transfer of all flights performed by aircraft, the made service, and also the one by whom and where it was made. Any missing or inexact information can reduce aircraft cost, that is you can face problems when decide to sell it later also.

At the same time, consideration of a possibility of attraction of borrowed funds will be an important step. At present rather large number of financial instruments which will help you with purchase of the aircraft for sale or receiving it in leasing is presented at the market.

Financing models upon purchase of the private aircraft for sale.

Today there are several models of financing of airlines for updating of the park of aircraft: own means, crediting, leasing. The greatest distribution was gained by aviation leasing.

The main instrument of updating of the park of aircraft of airlines, leasing is. In relation to the enterprises of civil aviation leasing is a long-term lease of aircraft through the leasing company by means of payment to the compensated cost of the aircraft and leasing percent.

It is possible to mark out the basic principles of the organization of leasing: urgency, availability at a price and profitability, leaning on which it is possible to formulate essence of leasing.

Aviation leasing.

Aviation leasing is complex economical legal relations between three subjects: the lessor, the lessee and the seller at whom the investing leasing company gets in property a certain air means or other aviation property from a certain producer. Also the company provides this property for a payment in the form of regular leasing payments in temporary possession and use for performance of commercial flights with a possibility of transition of the property right.

Enter the sum of leasing payments:

– compensation of costs of the leasing company of acquisition of the aircraft for sale;

– compensation of costs of the leasing company of maintenance and repair of the aircraft if it is provided by the contract, insurance and so forth;

– the income of the leasing company from transfer of property in leasing of airline.

The most common forms of leasing at the enterprises of civil aviation are financial and quick, and also returnable.

Financial leasing.

Financial leasing at which the airline finds the aircraft for sale at manufacturer and discusses the cost and terms of delivery. But the airline does not sign the contract for purchase of the aircraft for sale, and the leasing company or bank is engaged in it. After all negotiations are completed, the lessee together with the lessor makes purchase of the aircraft and signs the leasing contract with the lessor. The contract of financial leasing is signed for the long term (10-20 years), and by the economic nature financial leasing is similar to long-term crediting therefore are able to afford to take the aircraft in financial leasing only large solvent airlines.

This leasing does not assume early termination of the contract, and such transaction, as a rule, with payment of huge penalties is terminated. The lessee is engaged in operation and maintenance of the aircraft, from this it follows that all profit on operating activities and risks are undertaken by the operator. Obligations for leasing (leasing percent and cost of aviation equipment) are reflected in balance as long-term debt.

Financial leasing is characterized by the fact that in the beginning the lessee pays advance payment, and subsequently throughout contract term — leasing payments. Upon termination of the term of leasing of air means airlines with payment of residual cost can carry over. The mechanism of the accelerated depreciation can be also used by agreement of the parties.

Operational leasing.

Operational leasing, or in some sources is used the term “operational leasing” or “leasing with incomplete depreciation”, is widespread in the world as the most flexible form of lease of the aircraft for sale. Usually, at this option of leasing, the contract is signed for a period of up to 5-7 years, that is for the period smaller the term of depreciation of the aircraft that is very convenient for airlines when forming and maneuvering by the park of air means. Airlines can stop also ahead of schedule the contract of leasing and return the aircraft to the lessor.

Expenses on operational leasing.

Expenses on operational leasing also belong on prime cost, however in this case are not put on balance and will not be amortized, and are specified in separate obligations. This feature is especially important for the companies having a debt which does not want to burden themselves with excessive debts. Maintenance and repair of air means and various consultations on financial questions are carried out by the lessor, expenses on which join in payments under the leasing contract. Upon termination of contract term aircraft usually come back the leasing company, but extension of term of leasing or sale of air means of airline at residual cost can be by agreement of the parties carried out.

Predicted cost throughout the period of leasing and at an exit from the transaction is the key parameter for participants of the transaction. Effectively to operate residual cost, it is necessary to understand, first of all, cost of possession of the aircraft and ensuring its readiness for operation are how big.

Returnable leasing.

Returnable leasing (SLB transaction) represents such scheme at which the airline sells the air means to bank, to the investor, the insurance or leasing company, in too time signing the contract of leasing for the same vessels, usually for 10-12 years. The sum of leasing payments at the same time makes a full recovery of expenses of the leasing company on purchase of the aircraft for sale with percent. Large airlines can even suit different tenders for the leasing companies that gives the chance to save.

Having signed the contract of returnable leasing, and having released money, the air carrier can direct them to the solution of other more urgent tasks. As a relative measure of value of leasing serves the so-called leasing factor (lease factor) — the size of a monthly leasing rate expressed at the percentage of the price the aircraft. At financial leasing the characteristic size of a leasing factor makes 1,1-1,2 now, at operational the airline depending on the financial solvency can achieve 0,8 and even 0,78.

At transactions of SLB the characteristic leasing factor makes 0,8-0,93, it is closer to operational leasing. Returnable leasing is used by the companies which are in a difficult financial position, it allows airlines to release the capital due to sale of the aircraft, but at the same time to continue its operation. After payment of all leasing payments the aircraft can return to property of airline. By the number of participants of the contract of leasing it is possible to allocate three types of leasing: direct, indirect, leveridzh-leasing.

The direct transaction is characteristic of participation of two parties: supplier of the aircraft and airline. The leasing company drops out of these economical legal relations that does not allow to call this transaction the classical contract of leasing.

If the supplier of the aircraft and airline resort to the help of the intermediary — the leasing company, then this contract between three parties carries features of indirect leasing.


Leveridzh-leasing represents the contract between several investors who will decide to unite the capitals about the purpose of decrease in risk. On range of services on maintenance and maintenance leasing is subdivided into Sukhoi or “wet”. Most the Russian airlines sign the contract of “dry” leasing, i.e. rents the aircraft without crew and land service. In this case airlines independently operate aircraft, provide the flight validity. However the lessor has the right to exercise technical control over correctness of service of the aircraft. At “wet” leasing of the aircraft it is transferred together with crew and maintenance usually for a period of 1 month up to 2 years. Expenses on keeping of crew are incurred by the lessee.

Airlines receive the highly professional services in the organization and content of technical repair base rendered by the leasing company with participation of the producer of the aircraft for sale. The cost of this transaction is formed, proceeding from the minimum raid of hours in a month and the cost of flight hour of operation of the aircraft for sale.

Process of purchase of the aircraft for sale.

By means of the team you conducted a research and now are ready to make the proposal. Process of purchase can be long and difficult. At this stage high-quality financial and legal advice will help to protect you reliably.

Visit and survey of the aircraft.

Do not trust the text of the announcement. You would not buy the house without survey, so do not do the same with aircraft for sale which costs several million dollars.

The letter on intentions – LOI.

In it details about alleged sale – the price, the deposit sum, terms of sale, etc. are explained. It also has to contain expiry date of action of the offered transaction, giving you the chance to change the mind if something goes not so or the transaction will take more time, than it was expected.

The deposit for the aircraft for sale.

Usually the advance deposit of 5-10% is paid to the broker or the eskrou-agent.

Check before purchase of the aircraft for sale.

Your consultant can control it. Tim Barber, the senior vice-president of the Cabot Aviation company, notes that at this stage of process of purchase the skilled consultant can be a decisive link as he can notice details which otherwise could remain unnoticed. Do not pass this stage and do not try to cut off corners. The most important – to use services of the licensed aircraft mechanic (on the case and engines of the aircraft), and it is better to find someone who specializes in concrete model which you examine. The inspector will provide you the list of shortcomings and discrepancies if those are available, and also can specify the cost of correction of each of them. This list is a basis for any negotiations regarding correction of shortcomings or reduction of price.

Contract of purchase.

If you have no aviation lawyer yet, then most of brokers will recommend the lawyer who has experience with such transactions. All conditions, including the sums of purchase, the deposit, a condition of any compensations, terms for each stage, the place for pre-sale survey, the statement and a guarantee, and also many other things will be listed in the contract.

Technical acceptance.

It is carried out after conducting check and coordination of any adjustments or reduction of price. The buyer carries out technical acceptance, and after that the deposit usually is not subject to compensation.

Completion of the transaction and delivery of the aircraft.

Completion of the transaction and delivery are the last stage, however and here it is possible to coordinate a lot more things. The ownership has to be transferred, and the aircraft is registered on the new owner, it is necessary to deposit money and then to transfer them to the seller, the new owner has to insure the aircraft, and the aircraft has to be physically given it.

We congratulate! Documents are signed and certified by the press. Now you are a new owner of the aircraft, but a lot more work is necessary to you. The good consultant will tell everything and will prepare you for it. For example, the place of delivery of the aircraft for sale and duration of its stay in this place can have tax consequences. You need to find crew and a garage and to solve who will watch aircraft and to serve it. If you have a good team of advisers, then everything will pass smoothly.

Right aboard: why the dream of the private aircraft has to be fulfilled.

Private aircraft or first class of scheduled airlines? Business jets are expensive in service, but seriously save the most valuable that the millionaire has (apart from health, not to mention money) — its time.

Time of the successful businessman is how expensive, it is possible to judge at the cost of his movement from one business negotiations to others by private aircraft for sale. It is a high time to argue on this subject and to think of purchase of business jets taking into account recent news that aircraft can exempt from the import customs duty and the VAT.

Let’s agree in opinion: when interests of business demand personal presence on different continents or in different regions of the country through short periods, the personal aircraft is necessary. “Today in the world over 60 models of business jets with different flying range, spaciousness, additional options and the status are operated — Irakli Litanishvili, the owner of Emperor Aviation airline tells — amplitude of the prices — from $3 million for for the three light aircraft to capacious jets for $65-70 million”. Forbes Life considered the most interesting options of aircraft in different categories.

Light aircraft for sale.

When short flight is necessary or there is desire most to sit down at a steering wheel, it is worth beginning with lungs ma-tires. For example, Embraer Phenom 100 or the latest HondaJet. The last costs $5 million, direct and variable costs on it in a year will not exceed $1 million. With five colleagues onboard it is possible to fly about several offices in a day or a small family to go on a visit to relatives for the weekend.

Middle aircraft for sale.

The platinum middle on quality and contents — average business jets of the class Super-Midsize. Frame of this price segment make the American Gulfstream G280 cars, the Cessna Citation models and the Canadian Bombardier Challenger 350 aircraft. All of them are distinguished by good flying range — more than 6000 km — from Moscow across all Europe, the Middle East and China. Is important the fact that the person of an average constitution can already be unbent in salon to the utmost. The catalog cost of such aircraft for sale — from $26,7 million for fresh Challenger 350 and from $24 million for new Gulfstream G280. From the point of view of annual expenses the difference between models is small: $1 million and $800 000.

Long-haul aircraft for sale.

Independently in the market business aviation cost long-haul business jets, or Long Range Jets calculated on the company from 18 people. The cost of big business jets begins from $50 million and is limited only to a flight of fancy in interior design and the order of additional options. The choice of aircraft for sale of the highest price segment is rather big, but six models are presented at our market. From them, three are most interesting: Falcon 7X, Bombardier Global 6000 and Gulfstream G650. The last has one objective advantage — it quicker. The almost transonic speed of 980 km/h allows Gulfstream to cover the distance from Moscow to the Republic of South Africa in 11 hours 51 minutes. The similar route will borrow Falcon of 13 hours 47 minutes, and Bombardier has 12 hours 14 minutes. Whether it is necessary to look for other arguments?

Gulfstream G650, as well as its modification of G650ER, quite popular model, in the world is 246 such cars. “Officially G650 on sale is not a lot of as other popular jets — Ivan Veretennikov, the sales director of the broker ArcosJet tells. — In the open market it is possible to find 11 cars. As one more proof of keen interest in this model serves the number of transactions on sale which grows from year to year”. The cost of Gulf Stream begins from $65 million. In a year straight lines and variables operational Cessna Citation expenses will make $3,4 million more. But, according to players of the market, these investments — a liquid investment.

Advantages of use of the private aircraft.

We tell what advantages you get how to learn them to operate as to support him and what model to choose. So far teleportation was not invented yet, the best exit is private aircraft. If you have own liner, you can go anywhere at any time and at the same time spend flight time in ideally comfortable situation. Ashley Namikhas, the regional director of Cessna of sales in Northern Europe, tells how to find suitable model if you — or your company — have money.

Here only some advantages of private aircraft. You will be able to land closer to the destination In Europe about 500 airports which are served by commercial airlines. But for private aircraft well to about 5000 airfields. It means that with smaller probability the transfer by helicopter or a long trip by car is necessary to you.

You will be able to reach there where others cannot.

About 96% of routes between the cities which are served by commercial carriers have no direct flights. But by private aircraft you in one day will be able to visit three cities in Europe and to be in time home for dinner. You are not tied to departure time the Private aircraft allows to come to the terminal in five minutes prior to a departure. But the most important main thing — you will be able to define departure time (and to make changes to the shortest possible time). You will not be affected any more by delays and strikes from which commercial airlines suffer.

Who buys private aircraft.

The companies They say that private aircraft are first of all a luxury element. But it not so. According to Namikhas, a half of the range Cessna Citation is optimized for owners-pilots, other half is intended for corporate clients. Besides, private aircraft buy airlines, such as NetJets. Owners-pilots buy Private aircraft those who have passion to flights. Often it is wealthy doctors, businessmen and other rich men. Many people buy the Citation aircraft and the certificate of the pilot independently to steer the aircraft. Citation M2  especially is suitable for this category of owners.

As private aircraft for sale are used.

About 90% of private aircraft are used in the business purposes. They are necessary for business trips of the high-ranking heads who should travel often — for example, for transactions on merge and absorption where meetings are confidentially very important.

Special missions for aircraft.

Private aircraft are also used for special tasks of investigation, such as observation from air or special operation.

For example, the special Citation Super IIXR model with a cargo compartment was useful in 2014 during the outbreak of fever Ebola for evacuation of people. And the oil companies transport valuable details of drilling rigs by private aircraft. It allows to solve quicker problems which can cost millions of dollars.

Elegance needs.

Some people have really many imaginations. And money for their embodiment. Once the client of Cessna went to fishing to Northern Norway, but left the unique rod at home in London. To take away it, it ordered the aircraft. Other man of means ordered sushi from the favourite restaurant in London with delivery to its country house in Italy.

How to learn to steer aircraft.

If you want to fly by own private aircraft, it is necessary to undergo long process of obtaining qualification. Everything begins with obtaining the private license of the pilot. Training takes 45−50 hours then it is necessary to pass seven examinations in flight in the conditions of direct visibility. The admission to flight demands five hours of flight practice at night. Also there is an admission to flight on devices: it allows to fly to bad weather which demands difficult avionics. It is 40 more hours. Besides, there is a license of the commercial pilot which includes 12 examinations. It is also necessary to fly 10 hours by two-engined aircraft.

After you obtain the license, you need to fly from 800 to 1000 more hours to acquire the right to fly by own aircraft. This additional experience will help to prove to insurance companies that you are rather competent. To gather such number of hours, you need about ten years, but some cope for five.

What aircraft for sale to choose.

More — does not mean the best aircraft is better is that which combines functions necessary to you. Be defined what you want. Average trip of the private aircraft are two hours with two or three passengers onboard. If all this that it is necessary for you, then you do not spend 40 million dollars for purchase. You think pragmatically and think what you really want.

If you plan to sit down on short runways, do not buy aircraft for a long distance the Private aircraft – it is always search of a compromise between the weight, flying range and speed. The excellent aircraft for sale of initial level — Citation Mustang which can fly on short distances under control of the pilot. But at Latitude and Citation X + flying range exceeds 4,8 thousand km. For the small regional airports it is better + not to find Citation XLS of option.

Study space of a cabin of the aircraft.

Recently buyers even more often demand more place in the pilot’s cabin. For example, Citation Latitude  cabin height — 1, 8 m, and length — 2 m.

How to equip the private aircraft.

The interior Restriction on weight works everywhere, except especially large aircraft. Yes, in the Middle East really release Boeings with marble finishing, but it is an exceptional case. In usual life if you want to register somehow the Citation, you need to be ready to long conversations with team of designers and to keep constantly within the certified modifications for this model.

Modifications of aircraft.

You can install onboard the TV with the flat screen, but it is necessary to pay for it. Besides, it is necessary to coordinate all modifications — whether it be existence of a carpet on a floor or use of strictly certain breed of a tree. All this costs time and money.

Difference in tastes at the choice of an interior of the aircraft for sale.

Europeans prefer modern light skin, gray and white shades. And in the American market classical interiors of cream and beige colors are more demanded, Namikhas tells. Additional opportunities are Very popular such functions as WiFi. The Cessna company gives to clients an opportunity of installation of the Clairity system which provides full connection to the Internet.

How to choose color of the aircraft.

You can choose any color for painting of a fuselage. According to Namikhas, white liveries and two-color liveries with white top are especially popular. It is not recommended to use too dark shades as they can lead to material deformation. It is especially urgent if your aircraft stopped on the parking in the hot place: for example, in Nice or somewhere in the Middle East.

How to contain the private aircraft.

If you do not really understand how to use aircraft, find the good operator or the serving company. They will draft the full budget from a year to five years and will carry out assessment of expenses. They will find professional pilots, will conduct with them an interview, will appoint a salary and will provide its payment.

Besides, it is possible to employ the captain of crew with functions of the managing director. Every month you will receive the report with drawing of accounts. Besides, some companies raise the fixed administrative collecting in the amount of 3,6 to 7,3 thousand dollars a month.

Advantages VIP of aircraft.

The VIP aircraft is an obvious choice for successful people who like to enjoy the best things. And during flights they always need certain additional privileges which usual commercial flight cannot satisfy.

Travel by aircraft with comfort.

The main service which is offered by the VIP aircraft is the VIP the aircraft which provides high the level of confidentiality and comfort. These surprising air ships are made pleasing the client during flight. Besides, all atmosphere onboard, if necessary, can be fanned by luxury and conveniences: from the spatial organization and design to the elite menu.

Saving of time at flights.

Any travel air transport demands planning of many actions in advance: booking of tickets, registration expectation, expectation of baggage – all this takes away plenty of time. While if you use services VIP of aircraft, then the team and the aircraft wait for the client, and not vice versa. All route is planned, proceeding from needs and desires of the client. The usual commercial airline makes flights at many airports worldwide. However, traveling with services VIP of aircraft the client himself defines the place and departure time, all the rest lays down on shoulders of airline.

The VIP aircraft can request landing at any big or small airport worldwide. At the same time it is not necessary to undergo all long procedures before boarding at all that undoubtedly saves time which is so appreciated by all business people.

Unlike commercial flights, the VIP a charter provides confidentiality that often is important for a discussion of questions of business. It also allows to reach saving of time.

In touch in flights across the USA, always.

Business jets are equipped with modern computers and other means of communication. So there is always an opportunity to stay in touch throughout all flight. You can use mobile communication, the Internet and the fax during the travel without interruption.

Safety of aircraft.

At the class VIP aircraft special attention is paid not only to parameters of comfort and service, the maximum reliability and safety of the aircraft is without fail ensured.

Aircraft not only for business.

Today the VIP the aircraft is chosen not only by business people. It is more and more wealthy families, especially with children, prefer the VIP aircraft to commercial. The crew offers clients many actions for children to maintain their interest and to help to overcome fear of flights that is an everyday occurrence for this age group. Cooks onboard will satisfy the most refined tastes of all family members and will please children with special dishes. Cabins can be equipped with beds that will help children to feel with a house situation and to transfer flight without excessive stress, and, if necessary, will provide to adults good rest during flight.

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