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Dassault 8X for sale jet

Dassault 8X for sale

Year • 2017



Boeing 737 MAX8 for sale jet

Boeing 737 MAX8 for sale

Year • 2019



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Bombardier Learjet 75 for sale jet

Bombardier Learjet 75 for sale

Year • 2017



Cessna Citation Sovereign for sale jet

Cessna Citation Sovereign for sale

Year • 2017



Embraer Legacy 650 for sale jet

Embraer Legacy 650 for sale

Year • 2017



Avaliable jets for sale, lease and fractional ownership.

The following jets are available for sale:

2013 Gulfstream G550 75 TT

2012 Falcon 7X 368 TT

2007 Falcon 2000 LX 700 TT

Heavy Aircargo

Availability of heavy cargo airplanes IL-76 from Canada to worldwide destinations.

Fractional Ownership

We are offering fractional ownership of 2012 Falcon 7X business jet. Please contact us for details.

Other aircraft may be available upon request subject to availability.

Pre-owned private jets for sale

Dassault Falcon 7X for sale jet

Dassault Falcon 7X for sale

Year • 2011

TTAF • 1100

Location • USA


Bombardier Challenger 605 for sale jet

Bombardier Challenger 605 for sale

Year • 2010

TTAF • 1150

Location • USA


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Gulfstream G650 for sale jet

Gulfstream G650 for sale

Year • 2014

TTAF • 1210

Location • USA


Boeing BBJ for sale jet

Boeing BBJ for sale

Year • 2001

TTAF • 5950

Location • USA


Bombardier Global 6000 for sale jet

Bombardier Global 6000 for sale

Year • 2012

TTAF • 1280

Location • USA


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Private jets for sale guide.

The best way to purchase the private jet is to contact professionals for the search of the best offer in the World.

When individuals or the companies intend to buy the jet, they, most likely, will search for it using Google, Bing or Yahoo. They will compare various manufacturers of private jets and model which they produce. Potential buyers examine their characteristics, both an exterior and an interior and technical condition. Buyers meet not a simple choice because many private jets have similar characteristics, but different brands are presented at the market. For the buyer to understand features of purchase of the private jet it is necessary to have experience in the legal and accounting sphere or to employ professionals in this area. Namely, the aircraft broker company.

To approach the purchase after careful consideration, it is necessary to consider that the most important indicators for the assessment of the jet are its age and the number of flight hours (YOM, TTAF). Experts check them first of all. The information about the place of operation of the private jet for sale, its service history and existence of a set of necessary documents are also extremely important.

We understand that for many buyers one of the key moments upon purchase is the price of the jet. Some private jets can be on sale at inflated prices because of the uniqueness of the aircraft on the market, and more widespread models have the price which can be reduced in the course of negotiations and the auction. As a rule, on the Internet sellers do not write the prices. There can be several reasons – the first, the price constantly changes because of market condition, the second – owners do not want to make the public offer and show the price. For example, in our company, you can receive the offer with the price in 48 hours with predesigns on transportation to the buyer. At the same time the prices which you receive, as a rule, are one of the best in the market. It is reached due to our direct contact with owners of jets or their official representatives.

How to find the best offer for the private jet online?

Buyers of jets most often use standard phrases for the search for “private jets for sale”, “jets for sale”, “jets prices”, but it is the most reasonable to look for on concrete models. Because the different companies can offer different models and complete sets of the same brands. So you will be able to see a full picture of sales of a certain model of the aircraft. For example “Embraer Legacy 650 for sale” or “Embraer jet for sale” can differ by results of the search. You will see offers of Embraer Legacy 650 and at the same time Embraer Phenom 100, and these are two different private jets according to the characteristics. Whether such search will be convenient for you or not?

Some of the buyers use words for search which indicate the existence of concrete models of avionics or the special equipment. As the search results, they receive a selection from different models and brands with different technical characteristics and operational states.

The search for jets online is a rather troublesome occupation because it is necessary to contact sellers by e-mail or phone as not all the jets are shown to the public. Besides the choice of the private jet can cause a number of questions what brand it is better to choose, Embraer, Bombardier, Gulfstream and other? To understand it only the expert who will point advantages of each aircraft can help. For example, you can search for  “bombardier large-cabin jet”  and as a result get a selection from the Challenger, Global and Learjet models. In what way will you choose what is necessary for you?

Websites of aircraft for sale.

The buyer of the jet can see two types of the aviation websites which sell private jets. The first type is aggregators of offers or a classifieds where brokers and owners place adds. The second type is the websites of the private companies which sell and buy private jets. To purchase the private jet the best is to study both the first and second type of the websites at the same time. Only after that, you can get a full picture of offers of jets on the market. For example, in Jetspectre company, you will be able to get not only public offers of jets but also exclusive off-market offer which are often more interesting, than public offers. Besides, our offers include practically all brands of private jets which are presented on the market. Having them you will be able to compare the prices to other companies and to understand that for you it is better on the internet.

Purchase of the jet is a rather crucial decision and, as a rule, the buyer seeks to make the choice carefully. Therefore we recommend employing experts in advance who will carry out the inspection of the private jet for sale and will calculate its operational costs for the country of its basing.

It is important to remember that search of the private jet for sale on the Internet is rather an acquaintance with the market and the approximate prices. Because the most interesting offers of jets from brokers are generally shown only for their clients. Such private jets are sold very quickly and are called off-markets offers. The picture of the submitted offers on the Internet differs a little from those ones which the buyer will receive from the broker. Because brokers sell jets which they know and the offers from different brokers often differ strongly. For example, some have contact with sellers of large airliners such as Airbus A380 and A350, others specialize in Mid and Light jets. Everyone does it individually.

Besides the buyer who looks for the private jet for sale on the Internet often can see “Price on request” and it anyway should contact the broker directly. We consider that it is necessary only when the buyer addresses the company, but does is not suitable for classifieds. Thus he receives from the broker and objective information about a condition of the jet and its price.

That is why the real companies which offer jets more probably will use experts and brokers, than just sellers. Because in case of sale they should understand what the jet and under what conditions they will sell and whether additional financing will be used, whether crew and other conditions are necessary and so on. An important point upon purchase is the process of negotiations of purchase of the jet. Competent professionals in the legal and economic area are necessary for this purpose. The Jetspectre company has experts of different specialties and you can easily address them by contacting us.

What is the private jet?

The private jet is an aircraft which belongs to the private person or the private company who use it for the personal or corporate purposes. It can be compared to the commercial jet which is used for commercial purposes of the airline. For example transportation of goods or passengers. But the private jet can possess other social purposes. For example maintenance of the status of the owner or his or her desire to own the flying property. At present some consider private jets to be good investments.

Operation of private jets is regulated by rules, laws, and provisions of Federal management of aircraft (FAA). These norms are rather difficult and therefore an operation of the private jet usually consult the experts.

Classifications of jets.

By size:

  • Large – Airbus ACJ319, Gulfstream G650, Dassault Falcon 7X and other.
  • Light-medium– Gulfstream G280, Cessna Citation X, Dassault 5X and other.
  • Middle – Cessna Citation Sovereign, Beechcraft Hawker 800X and other.
  • Light – Cessna Citation Bravo, Bombardier Learjet 45 and other.

Private jets have practically all sizes. It can be huge Boeing BBJ or compact Embraer Phenom 100. Both can be private jets. As a rule, classification is necessary for marketing, then for the convenience of the buyer. Upon purchase of the jet more important parameters are the number of passengers, the range of flights and other conveniences to the owner. But, usually, big jets are made for the crossing of long distances, oceans, and continents. Average and small private jets are made for regional use. Therefore upon purchase, we recommend looking at specifications of the jet, then at generalizations by their size.

It should be noted that some private jets are constructed in luxury complete sets using the design of the customer. In this case, private jet cost depends not only on its size but also on its configuration, an interior, and an exterior.

What advantages has the private jet?

Freedom of movement and safety are the most important points in the life of businessmen and top managers. This advantage can be offered by owning a private jet. It can repeatedly increase work productivities, reduce temporary logs and reduce risks from canceled meetings with business partners, optimize transportation costs and bring the comfort of traveling. Jets of such class allow business people to be more competitive. Because you will be able to contact your clients personally overall country and if it is necessary, then your business works worldwide.

Personal equipment of private jet.

You decided to buy a private jet. In addition, with making this decision you should define the level of luxury you are ready to afford. Besides individual interior design, you can choose jet’s special equipment. The high-speed Internet, bedroom, interactive systems and a bathroom can be installed onboard. Everything will be practically at its own place or will create a real office abroad and you will be able to hold meetings at the height of 40 000 feet above the ground.

Financing of purchase of the private jet.

Our clients often contact us and ask for help in the financing of the purchase of the private jet. We understand that in the modern world the possibilities of acquisition of the private jet by means of financial instruments, which reduce the financial load of the buyer, are necessary for them. Therefore we and the leading world banks, the credit and leasing companies will prepare several types of financing for clients.

Financing upon purchase of the private jet is similar to the mortgage or automobile loan. But the process of financing is slightly more difficult because the prices of private jets for sale quite often exceed tens of millions of dollars and the actions must be secured carefully. Therefore in the Jetspectre company, you can receive services in consultation and financing of transactions of purchase of jets with use of modern financial instruments which are checked and approved by leading experts in this area.

The process of providing financing consists of the following steps:

  • The borrower (buyer) provides the creditor with information about himself and the private jet for sale which he wishes to buy.
  • The creditor carries out an assessment of the private jet for sale and verification of its registration data.
  • The creditor prepares documents for carrying out the transaction.
  • The security agreement protects interests of the creditor in case the credit is not paid.
  • The promissory note guarantees that no obligations will be forwarded to the third parties.
  • In the conclusion when documentation is ready and signed, the buyer is granted with the certificate of registration and money is transferred to the seller of the jet.

Financing upon purchase of the private jet can include instruments of complete debt financing or rent. It depends on the price of the jet and the choice of the buyer.

But before transferring a conversation to any examples, it is necessary to remind that the modern brand new aircraft represent the hi-tech technologies and have a high initial cost. The new jet of regional lines is offered for sale with the price starting from 10 to 30 million USD, the large-range jet – from 35 (according to the January price list of airplane produced in Toulouse, the price of A318 – US$74.3m), for middle-sized – from 60 million USD (US$ A320 97.0m), widebody – more than 200 (US$ A330-200 229.0m).

Not all airlines can buy so expensive aircraft. They should ask for loans and leasing. Together they try to find convenient forms of cooperation. Various financial instruments are applied. Let’s enumerate the most popular of them.

Most often, three schemes of financing are used:

  1. Direct financing
  2. Operating leasing
  3. Finance Leasing


At the same time the buyer can use other ways and tools for payment:

  1. Bank loans
  2. Manufacturer support
  3. Operating and tax leasing
  4. Cash
  5. EETCs

And others.

It is important to know that schemes of financing have different tax and accounting. In case the buyer wants to optimize taxes, first of all, it is necessary to consult with the experts.

Direct financing.

You intend to buy the private jet for sale and decide to optimize your expenses. In this regard, you can consider the procedure of leasing and pay it within several years. In the Jetspectre company, we have the experts who are ready to help you to take the jet for leasing on one of the best conditions in the USA and Europe. As our company has the extensive client base, our competences to attract favorable financial instruments in the developed countries of the World is very high.

As we told earlier, the cost of the private jet for sale is estimated in tens and hundreds of millions USD and buyers do not always possess such sum of money. Therefore the instrument of direct financing allows buying expensive aircraft with the participation of the third parties with a full protection of interests of the buyer, seller, and creditor. In case the borrower is solvent, then this tool becomes very urgent. But it works only for buyers with positive credit history in the countries with the developed economy.

Financial Leasing.

The financial leasing is also known as “the capital leasing”, is the tool of the long-term arrangement when the operator has an opportunity of more effective possession of private jet. It includes more difficult transactions in which the lessor, often the companies of a special purpose (SPC) or partnership, buys jets using a combination of a debt and joint-stock financing and then give it for rent to the operator. The operator can also have a possibility of purchase of the private jet after rent period, or can automatically receive the jet after rent period without additional payments.

Financial leasing used and proved the value mechanism. Among investors, financial leasing, usually, is considered, by and large, as the credit of airline. It is about providing access to money for acquisition of aviation equipment by installments. This is not what private jets are asked by pilots, and what borrower is important for the investor? “Good” airlines borrowers are given the credit, “bad” receive refuse. The airline uses the means for repayment of the jet at the owner (producer) and pays a credit debt regular payments as earlier agreed. As a rule, the credit period lasts 10-15 years. Then the airline becomes the full owner of the jet. Many large, financially steady airlines use financial leasing. They are ready to assume risks of the residual cost of the jets and to operate them.

Classical example – the German airlines Lufthansa. It has the big private jet park, transports a huge number of passengers, works in German punctually and accurately. Investors would willingly give money to such clients.

Let’s repeat that it is about providing financing on a returnable basis “under the borrower”. What jet the airline buys (its type and modification, technical condition) who is its developer and the producer, – investors look at similar subjects secondly. The credit is issued “under the borrower”, his balance. The airline took the private jet – illiquid or not – it is responsible for the balance of it. Nevertheless, for financial leasing, all other ways of providing obligations of the borrower, including the pledge of the jet and creation of the special design companies in the standard jurisdictions are usually used.

In American and British rules of accounting, the method of financial leasing is usually defined as a situation when the lessor acquires all property rights or when the current cost of the minimum leasing payments during the term of rent exceeds 90% of the fair market value of the private jet. If the lease contract is defined as financial leasing, it has to be considered as an asset to the company, unlike operational rent which influences only a cash flow of the enterprise.

Forms of financial leasing:

  • Equipment trust certificate
  • Extendible operating lease
  • US leveraged lease
  • Japanese leveraged lease
  • Hong Kong leveraged lease

And others.

Features of financial leasing.

Exact calculation of return of made money (ROI) has to lean on individual indicators of efficiency of operation of the aircraft, its sizes, and type. And the cost of some models of jets for sale fluctuates from 48 million dollars (Boeing 737-800) to 310 million dollars (Airbus A380), and also an annual indicator of ROI which is ranging from 3% to 15% respectively.

The average value of a debt load is in an interval from 70% to 85% that causes monetary expenses of the investor at the rate to 40 million dollars on Boeing 737-800 while the rest of means, has to be paid depending on the arrangement between the parties. In certain cases, the level of security of transactions falls to 50-65% as investors seek to reduce risks of the investment of capital, due to the purchase of the aircraft which had been earlier in operation or the buyers have certain financial difficulties.

An important role in the determination of the price of the transaction is played by the residual cost of the jet. Taking into account these specialized companies, the basic cost of an airliner falls approximately by 4-9% a year. Besides, it is necessary to consider depreciation expenses. Therefore, after 5 years of operation, the private jet will cost about 70%, in 10 years – 50%, 15 years – 35%, finally in 25 years the residual cost will be equal to 10%. There will be a write-off of residual cost completely to an opportunity to take out money at the sale of spare parts when dismantling the jet.

With participation in leasing operations, it is necessary to trace constantly a condition of aircrafts their technical condition and residual cost. To achieve a threshold of economic efficiency it is necessary to make the urgent decision on the distant operation of private jets.

Expeditious leasing / Operational leasing.

And what to do if not so powerful airline and strong how Lufthansa want to buy a private jet for sale? The world practice shows that financial leasing also, in this case, is applicable, but with reservations. Investors and banks “strain”: what the airline is, whether it will be able to pay accurately? If there are any doubts, they offer the credits “under a product”. In the first place, it is not the quality of the borrower and aeromechanic that acts as subject to financing and is subject to pledge.

Investors in similar cases tell: “We see that this jet represents a liquid product. If it is competently exploited, regularly and in full to undergo maintenance and repair, then it will keep market value. If something to happen to the airline, we will be able to take it off and to offer other clients”.

Such mechanisms as operational leasing help to realize this scheme. Crediting goes under the property, and quality of the borrower becomes less important than at financial leasing. Though, of course, also remains in consideration.

Introduction of operational leasing in practice in addition to other schemes of realization of jets expands the number of airlines which get access to necessary to the expensive aeromechanic.

However, the absolutely weak client will not be given the private jet in operational leasing: investors need to show that they can count on regular payments. They also want to be sure that if there is such need, the jet can be withdrawn quickly enough (means, it is important to be in the corresponding legal environment; another story is more connected with a feature of the national legislation and applicability of “the best world practices”). Otherwise, they will not begin to waste time and will go to look for other clients (taking into account the country), more reliable.

Operational leasing is attractive to investors that consider the private jet as a liquid pledge. If, of course, not to be mistaken with his producer, type, modification and so on. As a rule, investors trust the means to the leasing company which has sufficient experience in the aviation market. That consolidates owner’s means and entrusted it by investors for placement of the order for rather a big batch of airplanes to receive the best terms of the transaction from the producer (the price per unit, delivery time, technical support and so on).

The leasing company acquires a batch of airplanes from the producer or on the secondary market and begins to offer them to airlines on the terms of operational leasing. The new private jet from the plant is given for a rather short period (in comparison with financial leasing) – often up to seven years. On its expiration, the jet comes back or the contract lasts. As a rule, in the middle of the lifetime of the jet terms of its delivery in operational leasing make five years, closer to the end – three years and even less.

Practice shows that the successful, widely used jets, are in operation for 25-30 years and more. For the first five-seven-ten years, the jet “returns” a considerable part of investments made by the investor in its purchase. And they make the decision: to continue an operational leasing or to sell it at residual cost?

The American leasing company Air Lease Corporation (ALC), the head of the department of strategic planning and interaction with investors mister Ryan McKenna formulated the strategy of work on the market. “We seek to build work so that the acquired jet spend with us the first third of its life. Even before delivery from the manufacturer, we sign the agreement for long-term leasing with the airline . When the age of the private jet reaches seven-eight years, we sell it by installments”.

The result of operational leasing for the private jet.

Expeditious leasing, as a rule, is a short-term financial instrument. Usually, expeditious leasing continues 7-12 years. Therefore this financial instrument is suitable for the start of the new companies of carriers. Operators who take jets for expeditious leasing know that the aircraft will not become outdated and throughout the time of leasing will remain modern and satisfy the ecological law and norms. In the countries where some companies are not solvent, this tool allows to use aircraft and to replace it. At the same time, expeditious leasing of jets allows to control the size of the aviation fleet and to optimize expenses of its maintenance.

To hold the jet the owner of the private jet asks for a deposit. It is necessary in case if the jet is not suitable for further operation.

Benefits of aviation leasing.

Thanks to leasing schemes, the small and average carriers which are not possessing good credit history (and at the beginning companies – start-ups – that in general is absent) have an opportunity to buy the private jet and to transport passengers with the required indicators of reliability of a departure according to the schedule and with ensuring the acceptable comfort onboard the aircraft. Besides, they receive additional flexibility when planning. Seldom the heads of airlines have a full understanding of how within the next 10-15 years business will develop. And a certain understanding (in five-seven years, as a rule) is present.

Operational leasing is important for airlines and gives them the chance to receive in temporary use the expensive equipment when the purchase is not possible, as well as a possibility of purchase by installments on the bank credit. Besides, it gives the chance to operate the fleet with a big degree of flexibility: if in five years the situation changes, the private jets, that have taken earlier, can be handed over and some any can be bought (other brand and capacity).

Similar flexibility facilitates life for airlines. In particular the fact that work at newly opened routes, when the economy of the business is not clear yet. To begin flights, pilots take the equipment which was in the use of operational leasing, work for them, in hope “to roll” routes. If conceived it is possible to carry out, then, in three-five years, they take in operational leasing jets are newer and, as a rule, than bigger capacity.

The similar scheme is interesting also when the airline does not care questions of management of residual cost. How much will the jet cost in five years? The pilots, and the leasing companies and their partner investors also are not in charge of these issues. Having removed from itself “excess” freight of cares, the airline concentrates on questions of operating activities, the safety of flights, training and so on.

In the word, in operational leasing, there is a clear split of spheres of responsibility between the operator and the owner of the aircraft, while in financial they are merged. In the latter case the operator and the investor act as one person.

Thanks to the flexibility and availability, operational leasing enjoys a wide popularity on the global market of aviation equipment. It is useful for the manufacturer and serves for business as a stimulation of demand for their production, spare parts, and services, including due to activation of processes on the secondary market.

Such practice began to take root in the 70-s and its share of the market gradually increased. Among all transactions in the market in 2010, it reached 40-50%. Today schemes of operational leasing are involved in not less than a half of all transactions in the market, and according to statements of their certain marketing specialists, even more – about two thirds.

Wet leasing.

Usually, operational leasing is meant so-called dry (dry) leasing — the airline leases the jet, but at the same time provides it with its own crew, maintenance, and insurance.

There is one more of types of aviation rent when the private jet undertakes in leasing together with the crew and team of experts. When the companies experience a sharp increase in demand for their services, such type of leasing becomes very demanded. It can be holidays, events and so on.

It is important to know that in the different countries the rules of accounting can distinguish from each other. For example in Great Britain and the USA expenses on the operation of the aircraft can be considered miscellaneous. Therefore we recommend to you to study the tax law of your country in advance and to consult with aviation experts.

Returnable leasing.

Returnable leasing differs from usual leasing in the fact that the lessee acts at the same time as the seller of leasing property. The organization takes for leasing the equipment (or other property) which initially belonged to it. Respectively, for returnable leasing between the lessor (leasing company) and the organization two contracts are signed: the purchase and sale of property contract and the leasing contract. Both documents are signed at the same time that any of participants of the transaction was not left without the equipment or means.

Returnable leasing is intended for a covering of a lack of current assets of the company. Undoubted advantage of returnable leasing consists that the property of the organization (for example, the equipment) can be still used in production. And at the same time the organization, having sold this property to the leasing company, receives money for various expenses.

The advantage of returnable leasing means that the organization signs the contract not with the purpose of receiving the concrete equipment, but for the purpose of receiving money which it can use at discretion on any acquisitions.

For the signing the contract of returnable leasing, it is not required to show balance sheets and other documents which usually are demanded by banks for clarification of solvency of the clients. Besides, do not forget that for signing the contract of leasing the lessee often has to pay up to 30% of the cost of leasing property.

Features of returnable leasing.

Returnable leasing is an interesting practice which gained popularity in the world market in the 21st century. It will be not really correct to put returnable leasing after financial and operational as returnable leasing is theoretically applicable to both types of leasing.

The traditional technology of returnable leasing means the sale by the enterprise of the equipment and the real estate of the leasing company with its subsequent use already under lease. Thus, the enterprises find additional financial resources, and in some cases have an opportunity to save on taxes. However, in aviation branch practice of transactions of returnable leasing concerning new private jets is widely used.

Business begins with the fact that the airline chooses a certain type of the aircraft and contact its producer with the offer to sell a certain number of similar aircraft in the stipulated time. The subsequent negotiations with the purpose to specify the delivery time, execution option with all details, and, the most important, cost of the contract will come next. The known airlines often get very big discounts which leasing structures do not always manage to receive.

Having recorded the reached transaction parameters in the relevant agreement, the airline contacts leasing firm. It is transferred from the balance of airline to fixed assets of leasing firm, at the same time pilots take the obligation to lease this to the aeromechanic on in advance coordinated conditions.

What airlines are attracted by such a scheme of returnable leasing attractive? We told about the benefit of direct purchase from the producer above. And still, when the contact with the stipulated price for the jet is already signed with the producer, the airline organizes a competition between the leasing companies. The purpose – to receive the best offer on financing. So, financial benefits turn out to be  “a double competition” (at first – between producers, then – the leasing companies).

Usually, big airlines get returnable leasing most often as a financial leasing. Thus, it manages “to skim off the cream” at the stage “resales” of the jet of the leasing company. Theoretically, the airline can agree also for operational leasing, but as practice shows, financial is more favorable to it.

Possession of the private jet.

Really, purchase of the private jet opens a number of surprising opportunities. If you are a celebrity or a large businessman, you can regularly have requirements of movement of long distances, and the busy schedule just does not allow to stand in queues and use commercial airlines. And the owning of the jet give more hours of your life.

You can choose any of the presented financial instruments, and our experts will consult you on your decision optimality. Write to us by e-mail or call by phone and you receive answers to all questions that are interesting to you.

The private jet turns time into money.

Now huge opportunities for the international business are opened because it is possible to reach easily practically any point in the World. For this purpose it is necessary to buy the private jet, at the same time the choice is not t stoped on new models, it is quite easily possible to buy used aircraft.

The production amount of new jets in 2017 is reduced.

The fact of reduction of aviation production in 2017 says that the prices of used jets can go up. Therefore this circumstance can influence the increase in investment appeal of aircraft. It can last within the next 2-3 years, and our clients ask to send them off-market offers which are not available to the public.

What is a business aircraft?

In the middle of the XX century, political leaders and businessmen from the western countries began to fly to all important meetings. And there was a business aircraft – the branch which is releasing and serving aircraft for corporate needs. The private jets became more comfortable and quicker.

Today all the companies which are involved in development, production, and operation of business aircraft.

What problems are solved by business jet?

The first luxury jets cost a lot. As a result, the business aircraft became the privilege of the most influential people. Many of them use personal and corporate jets just to make an impression on the partners.

And it worked. The compact personal jet became a symbol of the high social status. However, everything changed.

First, the business jets are being used not only to for corporate but also for personal purposes. With its help, it is possible to reach quickly and safely the venue of a football match of a favorite team or a concert of the band, the resort etc. And it is not a rarity anymore.

Secondly, flights became much more available. To use business jets, it does not need to be bought: it is possible just to lease it. If to distribute the cost of this service to all passengers, then it can cost even cheaper, than a joint flight on a regular flight.

What is a suitable price for the status private jet for sale?

ITis possible to mark out three main points:

  • safety
  • speed
  • comfort

All flights on business jets are confidential. At the same time, you control the list of passengers and the baggage therefore also the risk of terrorist attack is excluded. You are in a safe zone even in the airport, as you will have separate racks and the hall of service work. Besides, business aircraft can be operated by only skilled and psychologically steady pilots.

On the speed of business aircraft, there are no equal. Make the decision on the flight, and in 60 minutes the jets will lift you in the air.

You choose comfort level under the requirements. In the park of airlines, there are cars of levels the standard, business and the VIP. But any way you receive the first-class service from polite and skilled stewardesses.

Beautiful life: a coziness for inhabitants of heaven

100 years ago lifting the huge aircraft in the air seemed to be a miracle. But today many of us already spend a lot of time in the sky. Thanks to the aspiration of producers to make business and personal avia travel of the clients comfortable, there was the whole segment of aircraft in which it is possible “to live”.

In the 90th of XX century, such private jets were bulky and unfairly expensive. They were used by political leaders and rich. However, in the last decades, the segment of mid-body jets of a VIP-class develops. And today this pleasure is much more affordable.

Who develops supercomfortable jets?

For the creation of comfortable and cozy aircraft, the largest airplane producers are engaged in the release of basic models. Among them, there are Boeing and Airbus. However, none of them are engaged in completion and additional hardware. Aviagiants only create the basic version of jets, a so-called green tail. It is the aircraft in basic factory coloring, with the minimum set of the equipment.

It rises up in the air and flyes to the specialized technical center. The largest of them are located at the airports of Hamburg (Lufthansa Technic) and Basel (Jet Aviation). There are also other companies.

Equipment of the widebody aviation takes on average from 12 to 15, and narrow-body — 6-9 months. There are no established periods of completion as a lot of things depend on requirements of the client.

The cost of the transformation into VIP-jets makes from 5 to 100 million dollars. However, there is no upper bound, everything depends on desires of the customer. Also to this sum, it is necessary to add the price of the basic model.

How to create a cozy airliner?

The main secret of the creation of a coziness in VIP-jets is to turn interior of the aircraft into inhabited space. For this purpose designers make the following:

  • the salon is visually shortened and expanded;
  • using a light color palette and smooth lines, make an impression of roominess and lightness;
  • to apply furniture with transformation opportunities to contain all necessary objects on the limited square.

The expenses connected with operation of jets.

One of the examples is Bombardier Challenger 605.

The business jets of Bombardier Challenger 605 were presented in 2006 as the updated Challenger 604 model made by the Bombardier Aerospace company. The 605 model has a number of improvements in comparison with 604, including the upgraded Collins Proline 21 Avionics dashboard, the rounded tail fairing and big windows of a cabin. In this article, it will be a question of various expenses connected with operation of model 605.

Challenger 605 is a private jet of an average size; the operational costs, according to the manufacturer do not exceed expenses of the operation of small aircrafts. It is capable to gain a high speed of 870 km/h (470 knots), for a long distance – 785 km/h (424 knots), and for the maximum flying range makes 4 000 nautical miles (7 408 km). In a standard configuration, the jet can accommodate 10 passengers with a length of the cabin of 25 feet and 7 inches (7,8 m).

According to Association of the owners of aircraft factories of general purpose, for the last 15 years annually was on sale from about 30 to 40 such jets (or their previous versions).

The general expenses are given below. The indicators given in this article are provided by the Conklin & de Decker company.

Operational costs of Bombardier Challenger 605.

New Bombardier Challenger 605 has the price about $27 million. Used model 605 has the price about $15 million for the jet 2008 YOM.

The general annual operation costs of Bombardier Challenger 605 make $3 481 595, including market depreciation ($1 240 920), or $5 342 974, including balance depreciation of $3 102 300. Both of these figures include constant annual expenses of $724 861.

Constant annual costs of the private jet.

Constant annual costs of Bombardier Challenger 605 generally consist of the salary and awards of crew members ($400 400), garage maintenance costs ($59 900), insurance (the fuselage – $31 023, a uniform limit of responsibility – $12 500), retraining of pilots ($66 800), and also modernization of the jet ($33 333). The other expenses make the size of an indicator of constant expenses of $724 861 include re-equipment, the computer program of maintenance, navigation service, and meteorological service.

Variable annual charges of the private jet.

Variable costs of operation of the Challenger 605 jet depend on TTAF and time after the overhaul. At operation of 175 000 nautical miles and 423 hours a year, owners should count on annual variable expenses of $1 515 813. The biggest of these expenses (about 65% of the total cost of variable expenses) are costs of fuel which are estimated at $2 346 an hour from the total amount of variable expenses of $3 583 an hour. By estimates, the jet of model 605 consumes 329 gallons of fuel an hour.

(Estimates of annual and constant expenses are made by the Conklin & de Decker company from the Orleans, the State of Massachusetts)

Work of brokers on sale business of jets.

The business aircraft guarantees fast and independent movement. Flights are planned personally, VIP-service is provided, dependence on schedules is completely removed — you fly when you need.

Specifics of such flights mean the use of the special air transport. It has to be compact and mobile, and not only correspond to VIP-level but also to be capable to land on small airfields — where the standard passenger liner will not be able to land.

Such jets are called business jets. The known companies — Cessna, in Bombardier, Challenger, Embraer, etc. are engaged in their production. Such aircrafts are characterized by the high level of comfort and electronic hardware. It allows passengers to work, solve current affairs during flight  (to hold meetings/conferences, etc.), to have a rest, use mobile communication, the Internet etc.

Depending on configuration, capacity and flight and operational characteristics distinguish small, average and big business jets. The first one is characterized by compactness, a smaller range of following (about 3500 km) and are designed usually for 4-7 people. It is an optimal variant for short business flights.

The middle class of business jets is the aircraft of bigger capacity (8-12 people) having a more spacious salon and flying on distances about 4-6 000 km. They are comfortable, convenient for work and rest, onboard there are always a cellular communication and the Internet. It is an option, practical for flights of the average range.

Representatives of a big class are considered to be the flagships of business aircraft. They take aboard from 12 people (some Boeing and Airbus models take about 50 passengers), can make flights for more than 10000 km. They have high cruiser speeds, a magnificent interior, the modern electronic hardware (including multilevel security systems). The best crews usually work at such aircraft and VIP-service at the maximum level is provided.

To whom to address to purchase the private jet for sale?

As it is mentioned above, many buyers use the Internet to search for jets. This is a correct decision because communication between owners of private jets and their potential buyers is a good way to make a purchase. But it is worth remembering that information which the buyer finds on websites also needs the qualitative analysis. The buyer should check not only the price of the jet but also its history of operation. As a rule, for this purpose, special knowledge is needed as well as the experts of aviation area. To do that the buyer employs third-party professionals for the search of the jet are necessary (or broker companies). As broker companies already have a staff of experts and unique off-market offers which are hidden from the public market, the second option is in the most cases more preferable, than the first one.

Besides, the brokers undertake obligations for negotiations and settlement between two parties. At the same time, the buyer gets advice on the operation of the jet for sale, conducting accounting and the optimum taxation, checks the jet and its documentation and carries out some other procedures which accompany the purchase of the aircraft.

As a rule, brokers get offers from all companies which sell private jets. Therefore they can provide the buyer with a full picture and even if the jet for sale is under the authority of other brokers, then the broker will notify the buyer of it. The broker companies which are engaged in the sale of business jets can be called consultants rather just sellers. That’s why in their interests that the buyer was satisfied with the transaction.

Therefore we will be glad to see you at the office of our company and on the airfield before one of the best of a private jet for sale which we will find for you at the most favorable price.